Information /Applications

Flight experience
   Beach control ( Chili )
Single seater Training, sport flying
Double seater Training flights
Double seater Passenger-/ sight seeing flights
Double seater Agriculture and Spraying flights
Double seater Movie - Photo flights - Infrared/Magnetografical
Double seater Towing of Gliders, Hang gliders
Double seater Observation and controls of:
Streets, Water streets, Beaches, Forrests, Fires, Borderlines, Pipelines, Power lines, etc.
Double seater Transport flights of: Medicals, Food, trauma victims, Doctors
Double seater rescue flights
Double seater special Observations, high level observations
Double seater long distance flights ( fuel tanks up to 150 Ltr.)
for ca. 1.500 km
Double seater transporter for parachutists
Double seater flying Radio station for Police, Firebrigades, Borderpolice and others

Other employments on request.

For special use itīs possible to fix with extra manufactured fastenings.