Information /History

Flight experience
1966 instruction as Gliderpilot
1967-1971 apprenticeship as fitter, evening school as constructer 


Development and Research of turbocharged engines; from Ship diesel over Truck and Car up to Formula One Ferrari 12 Cyl.engine

1974-1975 Military service in special forces with instruction of parachuting
1975-1976 private parachuting
1980 instruction of Hang gliding,
flight teacher assistent,

                              the first Hang Glider

                                  Flamingo Sport 19
                          ( now at Lilienthal Museum Anklam )
                                                 Nr.: 9283 / 041
   foundation of the 1. Pfälzer Drachenfliegerclub

 1981 first development and construction of Trike, with Solo 210 engine      


1982-1983 new development with Lloyd 400 LS engine,


1. group of Pilots with Ultralight licence in Germany,

Import and distribution of US Canard Tomcat,

first flight at 29.12.1983

first import of Rotax 462 engine for ultralights for Germany

1984 Certification tests of single and double seater trikes,
patent pending


1985 first tests with motor cowling,
foundation of the first Ltd. Company for UL and serial production,
instruction for motor glider

First Air Show - AERO RMF at Friedrichshafen 1985
toghether with Pacific Wings

1986 Agriculture tests,
patent pending,
development of a mechanical hight compensator,
patent pending,
first distribution in overseas

Participation in the exhibition - Gulf Trade Fair '86 - in Dubai with own stand.

1987 expanding of certifications,
development of rotor systems for agriculture flights

1988 serial production
expanding of distributions overseas
1989-1990 contacts to the USA for joint venture,
flight for US movie teams,

aerobatic instruction of hang glider,
codevelopment of a catalyst for 2 stroke engines,
expanding of certifications for double seater
1991 presentation of our products in east germany,
inquiry of Sukhoi for joint venture,
inquiry of Dom. Republic for production

1992 new construction for the Movie - The little Vampire -
test - / movie flights

1993 new construction of double seater for rescue (stretcher, container)
first contacts to france for distribution of wings

1996 new construction of fiber trike,
patent pending

presentation at Sembach AFB

1997 establishing on Airfield Worms,
development, production, service, accesssories,
maintenance, repair
1998 development of an automatic engine switch off for rescue systems

 the Original !
1999 general distribution for NASA instruments
expanding of certifications with new wings

Initiative to the new 
teaching profession
- light airplane mechanical
conversion through Department of Commerce Mainz

2000 development and prototype of a new CFK Trike,
development to oppose mosquitos with German Mosquito Control Association
patent pending
2001 further education for agriculture flights
direct Import of Instruments
extension of scale model - distribution / Venezuela
2002 extension of scale model-distribution / Scandinavia
extension of agriculture versions
wind channel tests of new CFK Trike
final training for agriculture instruction
2003 extension of MB / UL - distributor / U.S.A.
removal from the " Trike and Ultralight friendly " airfield Worms
2004 extension of scale model-distribution / UL - USA,
distributor of Microair Products,
agriculture flights
extension of scale model-distribution U.K.
2005 move to Bitburg Air Field, establishing at own Hangar and Offices
2006 extension UL distribution - China
first production and instruction 

Oct. 2006, Gu-An, ( Future City ), China

2007 extension of maintenance and repair in BeNeLux
re-structure of distribution
new modification with HKS 4 stroke engines

2008 test flights with HKS engine for documentation and certification 
extension of distribution USA

extension of unmanned models in scale 1:3 for special use
official service- and maintenance station of Zenair Germany

2009 Change of the company to a Ltd.
New distributors for China and Turkey
Expanding of modell distribution to Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia
Expanding of service, maintenance and repair for Trikes and 3 axis Ultralights

Foundation of the Club : Airsport Pioneers ´09 e.V.
with Pilots from 3 countries