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Scale models
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      Scale Models    

Video - Wills Wing HP  1:5

New  -  Video Wills Wing HP
Scale 1:3

Here a client trike with our Libre II M

Video - Libre II M
Scale 1:3

With kind permission of a customer some pics of an 1:5 Model



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Hang glider models in scale 1:5 and 1:3 since 1980.
As an flying team we know the different types since the beginning.
All hang glider scale models are hand made accordingly by full scale drawings or brochures.

The models are all custom made, not standard serial production.
Each model is an unicate and not manufactured two times !
That means, every customer receive his own individual model.


  • original sailcloth, colo(u)rs on request or from pictures
  • all models are custom made
  • Trilam leading edge ( according to type )
  • Mylar leading edge inserts ( according to type )
  • reinforcements like full scale
  • airframe with protectors
  • aluminum airframe ( hang gliding standards )
  • anti magnetic battens
  • rustproof flying wires and luftlines
    ( tensioness scale 1:5, 26 kgs, on scale 1:3, 60 kgs  )
  • diff. fittings - all hand made -
  • build up / break down, like full scale
  • typical signs ( Logo )
  • until now are 93 types available
  • constant new models in programme
  • scale 1:3 on request
  • to use for 2, 3 or 4 channel R/C or for:
    training, recreation, display, home, office, schools, flying schools, shops, manufacturers,
    or as present to her / him

    461 scale models flying all around the world until now.

    Time of delivery is approx. 4-6 weeks, according special colo(u)rs and orders.

    Reproductions or imitations only with our written confirmation.

Customer Comments: ( samples )

Hello !
We received our K 5 - model yesterday, and IT WAS SO GREAT !
Thank you ! We are impressed !
Nina Luostarinen,

The glider actually came very quickly and it looks fact it's so nice iv'e changed my mind about flying it.
i'd hate to see it crash and get mashed to bits.
It's a great model and i'm very happy.  
Thanks again, Bob
Robert Haining,

I got it. It is beautiful ! It was worth the wait- and all else too !
A few more battens and its all done- but I had to let you know. Wow !
Amazing detail and craftsmanship- and that airfoil ! Perfect !

Mr. Boyd

Salve sign. Klaus
Ho ricevuto il suo CAPOLAVORO e devo farle i miei COMPLIMENTI
un modello semplicemente FAVOLOSO!
Perfetto nei minimi dettagli.
F.D. Italia

Today at 11am 30 the Wing landed in perfect condition.
It is just as I expected, just good German workmanship.
Now comes the wedding between Wing and Trike.
Mr. Wisch thanks for the good cooperation.



Dear Mr Wisch.

HP landed safely in Switzerland.
The model is made very beautiful, sail is perfect build, rigg up a pleasure!

Thank you and best regards to Germany

Dr. Th. H.




Annick Micheluzzi and Sylvain Mathon
currently in production

Scale 1:5 

                                                        1 x  Bullet SP 12
                                                        2 x UP Speed                                           
                                                        1 x Orbiter 2


Scale 1:3

                                                         1 x Wills Wing HP 


 New Models

Scale 1:3

( wings span approx. 11.5 ft , 3.5 mtrs. )


                Wills Wing HP                           Atlas 16                               


Saphir 17                                      Libre II M